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5 Tips on How to Grow Thriving Orchids

Do you enjoy the beauty and essence of orchids? Orchids speak volumes of elegance, beauty and can be extremely high maintenance. However, with a bit of knowledge and motivation, you can grow your orchids into thriving houseplants.

In this guide, we will discuss the best 5 tips on growing your orchids.

Shine the Light

Just like other plants, orchids need about six to ten hours of sunlight a day. However, the amount of sunlight will depend on the type of orchid you have. Jewel orchids require minimal light while phragmipediums and oncidiums require almost ten hours of sunlight a day. Keep in in mind that even the orchids that require less light will still need about six days of light every day.

Determine the Ideal Temperature

Orchids prefer to have a variety of temperature settings that lasts through day and night. This means that your orchids can enjoy the mild 80-degree weather throughout the day and survive the low 60-degrees during the night.

Orchids thrive on humidity

Did you know that orchids actually do well in humid weather? If your house is dry, then you will need to take extra measures to provide your orchids with adequate humidity. You can place your orchids on a tray of wet pebbles. The moisture will slowly transfer to the orchid without overbearing the plant.

Another option is to leave your orchids in a sunny bathroom where they will also benefit from a steamy shower.

Determine the Amount of Water Needed

Orchids don’t need as much water as you think. In a natural setting, orchids will be drenched and then left without water for long periods of time. You can copy this condition by soaking your orchids for about 10 minutes and letting them dry for a week.


Orchids are still susceptible to pests. You can remove them with a manual soft brush to ensure that the orchid has proper air circulation. This will prevent disease and fungus.

What are your thoughts on our top tips in growing thriving orchids? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!