Want to find more useful resources and links related to orchids? Check out our list of the top recommended Orchid links below!
American Orchid Society – – The American Orchid Society is dedicated to providing orchid enthusiasts with the most comprehensive information on orchid research and conservation. As a member, you can learn all about the various orchid species and how to properly care for each type and grow thriving orchids.
Southwest Regional Orchid Growers Association – – The Southwest Regional Orchid Growers’ Association provides annual meetings and shows to display plants and discuss orchid-related topics.
Orchid Mall – – Are you looking for more information on the orchid plant? The Orchid Mall offers a large list of information and sources regarding orchids. You will find plenty of links to vendors selling orchids across the globe, suppliers for vendors, articles on care, and orchid societies to join.

Orchid Digest – – The Orchid Digest is for orchid enthusiasts who are looking to stay up to date with all the current news and programs regarding the orchid plant. You will find plenty of articles to read as well as have the opportunity to submit your own.
Orchid Board – – The Orchid Board offers a useful forum for members to discuss orchids and all plant related topics. You find some helpful information for care, maintenance, treatments, and even scientific matters on the plant.
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