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Roof Replacement | What No One Tells You About

Roof replacement is one way of adding value to your home. However, it isn’t only value you are after; you need peace of mind too. Being worry free by replacing the failing roof over your head releases major stress that homeowners have towards their homes.

This article means to discuss the following: indications you are in need of a brand new roof, proper roof materials, and the basics of roof replacement.

What Are Some Indications That You Need a New Roof?

Consider roof replacement if your house is more than 25 years and the roof had never been worked on. Asphalt shingles typically last between 20 to 30 years so check your roof periodically. Externally they may look fine but what about inside?

Moss Growth on Your Roof

Shingles tend to bend, crack, fall off or become covered by moss. Wear and tear is the main reason why shingles become damaged. The wind can easily cause shingles to crack. There appears to be no major problems so you might decide to just replace a few shingles. The real challenge is finding the right shade of the original shingles used. Over the years the roof color has faded and finding the right match can give you a headache.

Are there granules in your gutter? If your house is new and you find granules in the gutters, there’s no need to worry about a roof repair. If your house is more than ten years and granules are present in the gutter, that’s an indication that the quality of your roof is beginning to deteriorate.

Do you see sunlight from your attic? If so, then your roof is most likely leaking. This is another major indicator it’s time for a change.

Have your roof checked by a professional periodically and ask for them for advice.

Choosing the Right Roofing Materials

In the choice of the right roofing materials there are questions you have to answer:

  • Do the roofing materials match and create balance in your home?
  • Does the style complement with the architectural design?
  • What is it’s weight? Heavier materials require a stable structure.
  • Where are you located? Does the material suit your local climates weather conditions?
  • Is the material acceptable according to fire codes?
  • How much is the cost?
  • What’s the lifespan and warranty?

These parameters can guide you in selecting the right replacement materials.

Slate for Your Roofing Materials

What Are the Basic Things You Need to Know about Roof Replacement

1. What Is Your Choice for Roofing Materials?

Options range from shingles (asphalt & wood shake).
Wood shakes are bit pricey but provide high aesthetic value. Asphalt made shingles have a flat appearance but are less expensive. These are available anywhere with different designs and colors.

Slate roofing is very pricey and is considered the high-end roofing choice. Rubber Slate has gained popularity nowadays since it’s economically friendly and made from recycled post-industrial synthetics.

2. What’s the Cost of the Labor and Roofing Materials Combined?

The cost varies according to the choice of roofing materials; the coverage area; and roofing contractors. If you can find a roofing contractor who has flexible offers, then communicate with them. However, be sure that the quality of materials and the work quality doesn’t suffer.

3. When Is the Right Time for a Replacement of Roofing Materials?

Professional roofing contractors know or will advise you when is best to do the job. They know the appropriate timing. Typically the roofing season is the later part of spring or early fall.

Final Thought

If you have issues with your roof, ask a pro to check it out. If you need a roof replacement decide which roofing materials would work best for you. Knowing the basics of roof replacement is half the battle. Do your research and ask help for from professional roofing contractors.

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